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I’m a Literary DePENdent

I can’t claim the credit for the name of my blog myself. A couple years ago a friend of mine and I wanted to start a writing group and were struggling to come up with a nifty title. We didn’t need a title but we wanted one, maybe to feel more legitimate or to show a kind of commitment to the idea. A friend of ours, Ian, suggested Literary DePENdents and I loved it immediately. The group never got off the ground and when I decided to start taking my writing more seriously last year, I stole the name for my blog.

I love to read and I’ve been making up stories since before I could read. My life revolves around stories. I can’t go to sleep without thinking of one and I never go anywhere without a book. I’m not saying I’m unique in this, if I was I wouldn’t have thousands of books in my to-read list and the world would be a much duller place, but it is such an important part of my life that the title is perfectly apt. I am committing myself to making writing the number two priority in my life (after my family of course!) and this blog is going to be a huge part of that commitment.

So what are my plans for the blog?

I have been keeping track of my yearly reading goals and books read on my private journal and at Goodreads. However, I haven’t updated that journal in ages. Lately I’ve been using it to follow other blogs and I use it to catch up with them in one place. I’ve recently signed up for Feedly and I love it, so I’m moving most of the blogs I follow there and I’m now going to use the private journal for regular journaling that only I can see.

My plan is to use Literary DePENdent to post about my yearly reading goal, update it weekly with my progress and occasionally post short reviews. I review fantasy novels at The Ranting Dragon and I’ll add those links to my weekly updates. I am also going to be participating in the Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-Thon and I”ll use this blog to post updates throughout April 9th with my progress. I am signing up for The Chrysalis Experiment and I will be posting my short stories on the blog as well. Weekly I’d like to keep track of my writing progress as well. How much have I been writing each day? What did I work on improving? Did I get Writer’s Block? Why? What worked with my writing process? What didn’t? And random writer-ly or geeky fun things I run across during the week I want to share. I’m still working on figuring out if I’m going to add any more content to my blog or if that’s more than enough to keep me busy and focused during the week without overwhelming me. HOWEVER, I would love some ideas. What would you find interesting? What have you seen elsewhere that you like? I’m willing to experiment putting my own spin on posts that work well elsewhere. I don’t want to bore you!

So in short, what will you find if you read my blog?

  • Book Updates:  Posts about my book reading challenges, book clubs and my impressions of the books I read. Reviews of books will go here too!
  • Writing Updates: Posts about my writing during the week. Have I met my goals? What worked for me? What didn’t?
  • Community Challenges: Posts that concern challenges I’m participating in with other groups of people like the Chrysalis Experiment, the Read-a-Thon and NaNoWriMo.
  • Interesting Tidbits: Posts about what caught my interest during the week that has to do with writing or any of my geeky interests. You may have seen it or you may not have but I hope to show you some new things! Feel free to point me towards interesting things around the net!
  • Stories: I will be posting the stories I write for the Chrysalis Experiment as well as anything else I’m working on. I would love commentary on what worked and didn’t, so I can improve my craft.

There you have it! If you have any ideas, questions, comments, concerns or encouragement I would love to talk with you about them! I can’t wait to hit the ground running!